Architype New York


The mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization.

—Frank Lloyd Wright


Like the soul of its people, the architecture of NYC is unique: iconic and timeless, dynamic and innovative. As we walk around the city, we encounter elegant historical landmarks alongside unconventional contemporary structures. From buildings as old as the city itself to ones still being constructed, the architecture of NYC is full of surprises and stories. 

It is out of these stories that Architype was born. Like typography, architecture is both aesthetic and functional, and the images in collection highlight the essence of New York City’s buildings alongside their remarkable stories. With research into a building, its location, architects, and its official and unofficial histories, I hand-lettered typography to match each edifice. These illustrations have the precision of a blueprint and the vitality of a musical score. Past and present dance in and out of the spaces surrounding and comprising each building. 

New York City is a testing ground for architects from around the world; there is no building too old or new, too traditional or outlandish for this city. Architype invites you to read these structures, to see their stories. In doing so, you may just catch glimpses of our distinct civilization, you may just see our soul.


qian sun